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  • 6-Month Boost

    By replacing reading losses with equivalent gains, Springboard generates an annual 6-month reading boost.


    Families attend weekly workshops that equip them with effective strategies for reading with their children.

  • 1,200 STUDENTS

    Since launch, Springboard scaled up 30x from a 42-student pilot to a 1,200-student implementation.

  • 99% LOW INCOME

    We go where the need is. 99% of our students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

  • 20 Schools

    In 2014, we are serving students from 20 schools across Philadelphia and Camden.

    In low-income communities, educational pathways are broken. Students lack continuous access to learning at home and school, resulting in huge reading losses over the summer. By 4th grade, these chronic regressions accumulate to a two-year academic wedge between low and higher-income peers. Research finds that ⅔ of the achievement gap among high school students is attributable to summer learning loss during the elementary school years. More >>>
    Springboard approaches the summer as a cost-effective opportunity to coach teachers in data-driven instruction, train parents as reading instructors, and incentivize PreK-3rd graders to make significant and lasting literacy gains. Our signature program transforms the summer from a barrier into a springboard for financially disadvantaged students and families. More >>>
    Last summer, our 642 scholars replaced a 3-month reading loss with a 3.3-month reading gain, lifting their literacy trajectories by more than 6 months. A longitudinal analysis found that Springboard nearly tripled students’ annual reading progress. Weekly workshops training families to teach reading averaged 93% attendance, defying expectations and setting records in every school. By training parents and teachers to collaborate, Springboard puts kids on a trajectory that closes the reading achievement gap by 4th grade. More >>>


    “What motivated me to attend the workshops? The realization that my kids’ education depends largely on the partnership between myself, my wife, and the teacher. It takes a village.” Spend 3 minutes listening to five families share their stories.


    Whereas students in well-resourced communities learn at home and school—a fact that shelters them from summer learning loss—their lower-income counterparts are expected to primarily learn at their schooldesks. Year-round access to learning has become a socioeconomic luxury.


    Affirm your belief that all children deserve access to learning and help Springboard reach three times as many students this year. The 2014 campaign to sponsor a city is live – join the movement and help Springboard expand!

    • RT @DavidLoeb2: Good piece on @SpringboardPHL, a member of the READ! by 4th Campaign coalition and parent engagement experts.
    • RT @MNSFund: Shout out to our grantee @SpringboardPHL Turning parents into teachers to fight the ‘summer slide’ via @NewsHour

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