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Want to help close the literacy gap? We have a lot of exciting opportunities available for you to join our team! If you are interested in any of these–or if you think you can be helpful in a different capacity – please email your resume and cover letter to:

Since our launch in 2011, Springboard has aggressively scaled from 40 students to 2,000. Alongside geographic expansion from coast-to-coast, Springboard is growing its product line to include a school year intervention and a lighter-touch, tech-enabled offering. We are seeking dedicated and passionate professionals to join our growing team.

Springboard Afterschool trains teachers to effectively target instruction and coach families in order to accelerate struggling readers’ progress during the academic year. Programming, which spans 10 weeks in February-April, consists of weekly coaching, daily small group instruction, and biweekly family workshops after school.

Full Time Careers

Thank you for your interest.

Thank you for your interest in working at Springboard. We do not have any current openings. Please feel free to send a resume and cover letter to to be considered for future openings.

Citywide Afterschool Opportunities

Citywide Afterschool positions are open to applicants from around the city.

Afterschool Literacy Coach

The Afterschool Literacy Coach is responsible for setting a powerful vision for student achievement and motivating others to execute that vision through effective planning, leadership, and management. The Afterschool Literacy Coach position is ideal for a leader with deep K-3 literacy content knowledge. Click here to read more.

Afterschool Professional Development (PD) Facilitator

The primary responsibility of the Afterschool PD Facilitator is to increase teacher and leaders’ capacity in literacy content skill, knowledge and pedagogy and/or family content knowledge.The PD Facilitator position is ideal for a leader with deep K-3 literacy content and family engagement knowledge and an interest in collaborating with others in a fast-paced environment, with support from Springboard Collaborative Staff. Click here to read more.

Site-Specific Afterschool Opportunities

Site-specific Afterschool positions are open only to individuals from schools who are currently partnering for this year's schoolyear session.

Afterschool Site Manager

Springboard Site Managers are school-based professionals who lead the Springboard Afterschool program at their school site. Site Managers lead their teachers through a 5-week coaching cycle to ensure that every classroom crosses the finish line to reach Springboard’s program goals. Site Managers lead their schools both academically and culturally. They are responsible for setting a powerful vision for student achievement and family engagement. Click here to read more.

Afterschool Enrollment Coordinator

The school-based Afterschool Enrollment Coordinator will oversee successful student and family outreach and registration for the program. Enrollment Coordinators are the primary point person at the school for all Springboard-related questions and communication prior to programming. Enrollment Coordinators have a knack for mobilizing and energizing students, families, and teachers. A Site Manager can also take on responsibility for being the school's Enrollment Coordinator (for additional pay). Click here to read more.

Afterschool Teacher

School partners select teachers from their existing staff to participate in programming at their sites. Teaching with Springboard is an ideal position for an educator with experience in PreK-3rd grade literacy instruction, a dedication to closing the reading achievement gap, a passion for family engagement, and a commitment to improving his or her practice. Click here to read more.

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