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Since launch in 2011, Springboard has grown its reach from 42 to 1,200 students. In 2013, we landed a groundbreaking vendor agreement with the School District of Philadelphia, making Springboard the only district-funded summer learning provider in the city. The contract also marked the first time in recent history that the district has invested in a startup. In 2014, Springboard won a competitive bidding process to become the exclusive K-3 summer literacy provider for Camden City School District.

Last summer, our scholars replaced what could have been a 3-month reading loss with a 3.4-month reading gain, lifting their literacy trajectories by more than 6 months. Weekly workshops training families to teach reading averaged 91% attendance, defying expectations and setting records in every school. A longitudinal analysis found that a single Springboard Summer intervention nearly tripled students’ annual reading progress. By training parents and teachers to collaborate, Springboard puts kids on a trajectory that closes the reading achievement gap by 4th grade.


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