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Since launch in 2011, Springboard has grown its reach from 42 to 1,400 students. In 2013, we landed a groundbreaking vendor agreement with the School District of Philadelphia, making Springboard the only district-funded summer learning provider in the city. The contract also marked the first time in recent history that the district has invested in a startup. In 2014, Springboard won a competitive bidding process to become the exclusive K-3 summer learning provider for Camden City School District.

Last summer, our 642 scholars replaced what could have been a 3-month reading loss with a 3.3-month reading gain, lifting their literacy trajectories by more than 6 months. Weekly workshops training families to teach reading averaged 93% attendance, defying expectations and setting records in every school. A longitudinal analysis found that a single Springboard Summer intervention nearly tripled students’ annual reading progress.

4th grade reading proficiency is among the strongest predictors of high school graduation, college attendance, and earning potential. By catapulting students in low-income communities to and beyond grade-level expectations before this critical juncture, Springboard gives children the requisite literacy skills to access life opportunities and realize their full potential.

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