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Springboard Collaborative closes the reading achievement gap by coaching teachers, training family members, and cultivating reading habits so that our scholars have the requisite skills to access life opportunities.

Springboard Summer

Our primary offering is an intensive, five-week summer literacy program for Pre-K through 3rd grade students and their families. In each of our school partners, we train their existing teachers to implement the program.

  • Home visits: Before programming, teachers visit the homes of their 15 students to build parent buy-in and lay the foundation for a strong partnership.
  • Instruction: Teachers conduct daily, half-day literacy instruction with students grouped by reading level rather than grade level.
  • Family workshops: Teachers lead weekly workshops that train parents on how to pick a book on their child’s reading level and what to do before, during, and after reading.
  • Coaching: Springboard hires a Site Manager at every school, typically from within. The Site Manager leads differentiated groups of teachers through a 5-week coaching cycle to ensure that every classroom reaches the finish line while teachers improve their practice.
  • Learning Bonuses: Contingent on parent attendance and commensurate with student reading growth, Springboard distributes educational incentives—including books and tablets—during a capstone celebration.

Springboard Schoolyear

Springboard’s schoolyear program trains teachers to effectively coach the families of their struggling readers to accelerate progress during the academic year. The intervention’s pilot spanned the third marking period of the 2013-14 schoolyear. Early results are tremendously promising, further illuminating the potential for effective parent engagement to redefine how school communities approach early literacy.

Our Approach

Springboard’s innovation is simple but powerful: we redefine parent-teacher collaboration as an engine for school transformation. With over 90% of parents consistently attending teacher-led workshops, Springboard is ahead of the field proving a simple fact: parents’ love for their children is the single greatest and most underutilized natural resource in education.

Springboard also takes a unique insourced staffing approach. We transform school communities from within by reorienting their existing people and assets to optimize student learning outcomes. Springboard trains schools’ existing teachers to collaborate with their existing parents using their existing budgets. This approach builds lasting internal capacity by developing teachers as instructors, parents as collaborators, and Site Managers as school leaders.

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