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The Team

Meet the staff behind Springboard– dreamers and doers with a common resolve. Learn about opportunities to join them! Meet Them >>>

The Board

Our startup Board members are trusted advisers who share their areas of expertise to help Springboard grow. Their energy and acumen put wind in our sails.
Meet Them >>>

Our School Partners

These schools have taken a bold stand: demanding the best for their students and investing in partnerships that help them thrive. Their commitment inspires us daily. Meet them >>>

Our Funders

We are humbled by generous support from foundations, corporations, and individuals. In the words of a Springboard parent, “It takes a village.”. Meet the Village >>>

Our Families

We believe parents have transformative potential that is unrealized in low-income communities. Meet the families whose love and determination fuels our engine of change.


What role will you play? Join the movement!

  • Congrats to founding partner @WissCharter on opening Awbury Campus! Grateful to have welcomed families this summer.
  • Really great catching up last night @joshk @Michael_Nutter @SDPHite @docpreneur215 @StacyEHolland Thanks as always for your ongoing support!

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