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Welcome, parents and caregivers! We believe that you play an important role in helping your child become a better reader. That is why family partners are a key part of the Springboard model. Springboard has a successful 5 year history of boosting the reading growth of our scholars by coaching teachers, training family members (that’s you!), and incentivizing learning. Take a look around to find out more about Springboard, family workshops, and learning bonuses that your family could earn.


Family Participation

Family workshops allow you to get to know your child’s teacher and to learn strategies on how to better practice reading at home. We are confident that there is no better classroom than your living room. A family representative must attend all workshops for a scholar to receive incentives. Multiple people may attend workshops for a scholar over the course of a Springboard session – mom, grandmother, big brother over 16., etc.

In addition, we ask you to set a weekly goal for how long you will read together and how long your child will read independently each day between workshops. Families are encouraged to stick with their own goals and find time in their schedules to prioritize reading at home.


Family Workshops

Starting with how to pick a book that is at the correct level for your child, you will gain tools and ideas in what to do before, during, and after reading. Once you can identify your child’s learning zone, you will guide your child in making predictions, using known clues to figure out tough words, and practicing reading more fluently and for greater comprehension.

Workshops are held on Wednesdays – in the morning for Springboard summer and after school for Springboard Schoolyear – and last one hour. Each session begins with a check-in and ends with time for you to practice the strategies that you just learned and consult with the teacher.

Growth Goals & Learning Bonuses

At the beginning of each Springboard session, we ensure that every child has a recent, accurate reading assessment and then set an individual growth goal for your child. If they accomplish their goal, they are awarded with a new backpack stuffed with school supplies. If your scholar passes their goal, they will earn a tablet. Every student who has a family representative attend all the workshops will get to self-select 4 new books, regardless of reading growth. Incentives are both a reward, and tools for you to keep reading outside of school time!



Books, Books, and more Books

We provide a pack of 7 books for you to use to practice the strategies that you learn at the family workshops. These books are yours to keep to add to your home library. They are selected according to your child’s reading level so that they aren’t too easy and aren’t too hard. Additionally, we provide your child a logon with access to books on RAZ Kids© during the program, and we can help you get a library card.


At this time, Springboard enrollment is limited to students attending our partner schools. If your child attends one of our schools, talk to the Principal or Enrollment Coordinator to sign up. If your child does not attend one of our school partners, talk to the Principal about becoming a Springboard school.


Our intensive five-week summer program is for Pre-K through 3rd grade students. Children are placed in a class with up to 15 students grouped by reading level. Teachers focus on literacy and create individual action plans for students. Every day there is reading to, with, and by students. Weekly family workshops train parents to teach reading at home. Every student receives a set of books on their level at the beginning of the summer, and is able to earn additional incentives in proportion to reading gains, with full family participation.

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During the school year, select school partners offer Springboard Schoolyear, an after-school, reading focused program. Over 10 weeks in February-April, teachers work in small groups of 3-5 students targeting the reading skills that each child needs most. Children get extra reading instruction Tuesday-Thursday. There are 4 family workshops held on Wednesdays for parents and teachers to align and practice reading strategies best for each scholar. Incentives are awarded with demonstrated reading growth and family participation.


Reading Plan Ideas

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